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To create spaces for the consolidation and preservation of Hispanic culture and the management of bridges to bring together the different multicultural and diverse communities united through a common language and heritage, we convoke the IV Playwriting Contest "Escena Abierta."


Please read the following carefully to ensure the submitted work is within the specified terms. Those works that do not comply with these conditions will not be read.


All works must be original. Works already released, published, or with prior public reading will not be accepted.


The piece must have a minimum duration of 50 minutes and a maximum of two hours (120 minutes).


The works must be in Spanish, adaptations and translations are not accepted.


Authors must be over 18 years old.



Three independent judges will read each manuscript anonymously.​


The winner's name will be made public one month after the closing date of the call.


The winner will be notified by email and through our social networks.


The winning work will receive a diploma, $ 250, and a dramatic reading produced by Open Scene.

The contest's winner grants Open Scene, in a non-exclusive manner and without any restriction or limitation, their consent to disclose and publish the winning Work for one year, counted from the moment the Work is officially announced as a winner.
The assignment is understood to include, among others, the right to carry out dramatized readings, produce and/or adapt the Work in whole or in part, reproduce, distribute and/or communicate the Work publicly and/or privately -free of charge or not- without any consideration for the author. During this period, the author of the Work will retain the copyright, with the aforementioned limitations.


June 30th, 2024, at 11:59 pm EST


Changes or revisions are not accepted after receiving the material.

Send your work in PDF format, in Times New Roman or Courier New at 12 pts, 1.5 line spacing, with the pages numbered and WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S NAME. Add the information requested below via email no later than June 30, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET, to


Please write in the subject line: "IV Concurso de Dramaturgia Escena Abierta: (TITLE OF THE PLAY)".

In the body of the email, please include the following:

• The title of the work
• A synopsis 4-6 sentences long
• Your email
• Your mobile phone number
• Your full postal address
• How did you hear about the competition.

Attach the following files to the email:

• Your work in PDF format, with numbered pages, the title of the work, and the year it was written.
• Your name MUST NOT APPEAR. Please do not submit biographical information, reviews, or other promotional materials.

The award may be declared void if the submitted works do not have the required quality level.
The non-awarded plays will be eliminated after the winner is announced.




Scenic feasibility. Includes aspects such as the scenic potential of the text, the feasibility of being produced, or any other that the Jury considers will be assessed.

Treatment. It includes aspects such as rhythm, narrative eloquence and use of language, plot development, originality, relevance, or any other for the Jury's consideration.

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