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About Us

Connecting Communities Through The Arts

Open Scene is a dynamic non-profit focused on fostering multiculturalism and inclusion.

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Our Story

Open Scene was born from the resilience and vision of our founder, Thamara, a Venezuelan immigrant who overcame immense challenges after fleeing her country's dictatorship. Leaving behind her life and career, she established Open Scene in her new homeland, finding solace and community through the arts. The organization quickly became a beacon of hope and unity, bridging cultural divides.

Open Scene continues to enrich lives, fostering belonging and inspiration through the transformative power of the arts.

Meet The Founder & Executive Director

ED, Thamara Bejarano

Thamara Bejarano

A Journalist with postgraduate degrees in Audiovisual Management and Media Education. She worked for many years as a film professor at the School of Social Communication at the Central University of Venezuela, a writer, a communications consultant, and an audiovisual producer.

In 2019, she decided to found Open Scene in an effort to elevate the local cultural scene and the representation of the Hispanic community. She is a fellow of the International Society of Performing Arts, a member of the Inter-American Society of Press, and Florida's Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council.


Open Scene is a non-profit organization led by Latina women that serves as a cultural management agency whose mission is to promote multiculturalism, inclusion, and well-being. We present high-quality artistic and humanistic content that encourages pluralism and reduces the historical gap in access to the arts, whether due to cultural, language, or economic barriers.
Our programs foster integration among people of all ages, providing platforms for meaningful civic dialogue, professional development, and cultural heritage preservation. By offering these programs, we aim to create spaces for people to grow well-being and enhance community cohesion.


Open Scene teaches, entertains, and empowers through quality artistic and humanistic endeavors that stimulate plural thinking and multiculturalism through theatrical productions, performing arts, festivals, dramatic readings, workshops, projections, exhibitions, and guided conversations.

We strive to foster social and emotional well-being through understanding and meaningful exchange between communities with rich and dynamic cultural contributions, usually underserved or underrepresented. We celebrate the richness of plural artistic traditions, bridge cultural gaps, and cultivate an appreciation for diversity.


• We understand the Arts as an extraordinary means of education to maintain more plural, critical, empathetic, and inclusive societies.
• We provide high-quality, multicultural performances that entertain audiences and foster personal well-being and local economies. 
• We encourage artistic innovation and provide a sustainable platform for professional artists where respect and plurality are the norms.

Board of Directors

We proudly introduce our esteemed board members. Here, you will meet a remarkable group of multidisciplinary professionals, each bringing a wealth of expertise and passion to our organization. Our board members are not just leaders in their respective fields; they are deeply committed to the mission and vision of Open Scene, embodying the spirit of diversity and inclusivity we cherish.

Melissa Bambusi


Estefanía Herrera


Inmaculada Lozano



José Miguel Pérez



Gisela Romero


Mariela Saad



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